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Rent Lend and Exchange

Rent Lend and Exchange at Quid Store

Rent Lend and Exchange

Quid Store provides the ideal solution to help you unlock the earning potential of your unused items. Whether it’s dresses, parking spaces, equipment, gadgets, and more, Quid Store has got you covered! What sets Quid Store apart is its advanced booking system, allowing you to rent out your items for a few hours to a few days. You have complete control over the availability and pricing, ensuring that you maximize your earnings while providing a valuable service to others. Start accepting cash, bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies for your products, and receive your payments in any currency you choose, regardless of the type of currency your customers choose to pay you in.

How It Works

Rent Lend and Exchange at Quid Store

Why Rent Lend and Exchange at Quid Store

Always Free

Start renting out and selling items at Quid Store for free!

Eco Friendly

Reselling and renting out your spare and unwanted items reduces waste!

Get Paid

Accept cash, bitcoin, and cryptocurrency as payment for your products and receive payments in any currency you prefer. 

Get cashback & plant a tree every time you shop online ❤️
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