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ERP Project Controller

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Job Summary: 
The Project Controller plays a pivotal role in overseeing and managing project activities to ensure alignment with project objectives, timelines, and budgetary constraints. They are responsible for monitoring project progress, controlling scope, reviewing change requests, maintaining documentation, and continuously improving project management processes. Additionally, the Project Controller assists in resource allocation, identifies potential project challenges, and proactively prepares solutions. This role requires strong communication, organizational, teamwork, problem-solving, adaptability, attention to detail, interpersonal, negotiation, time management, and conflict resolution skills.
Key Responsibilities:
Observation and Tracking: 
• Monitor all project phases against the project plan and evaluate project activities regularly against the plan and baseline.
• Track project progress and identify deviations from planned schedules or budgets. 
• Provide regular updates on project status to stakeholders, highlighting any significant changes or risks.  
Scope Management: 
• Ensure alignment of project scope of work with project requirements and schedules. 
• Review change requests and evaluate their impact on project scope, schedule, and budget. 
• Ensure that out-of-scope items follow change order rules and update relevant documentation accordingly.
Timeline and Plan Control: 
• Work closely with project managers to review and update project timelines and plans. 
• Ensure that project timelines are realistic and achievable, considering resource constraints and dependencies. 
• Proactively identify potential delays or bottlenecks and implement mitigation strategies to keep projects on track.
Documentation Management: 
• Maintain up-to-date project documentation and ensure documents are organized and readily accessible for all project team members. 
• Develop and implement document control procedures to ensure the accuracy and integrity of project documentation. 
• Provide training and support to project team members on document management tools and processes.
Resource Allocation:
• Coordinate timing and resources to align with project requirements and schedules. 
• Assist in resource planning and allocation, ensuring that the right people with the appropriate skills are assigned to tasks.
• Bachelor’s degree in business administration, or a related field. 
• Proven experience in ERP Project coordinator role or relevant role. 
• Very Good in English. 
• Strong knowledge of project management methodologies and tools (e.g., NetSuite, Microsoft Project). 
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. 
• Ability to work effectively in a dynamic and fast-paced environment. 
• Attention to detail and strong analytical skills.  

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