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Cashback Prize

Green Quid Cashback Prize

Cashback Prize

With Green Quid, users won’t just get cashback every time they shop online from the brands they love; they will also be able to enter our cashback prize competitions for free and have the chance to win a prize. Users will be able to claim their prize in cash, cryptocurrency, gift card, or simply as a giftly experience.

How does it work

Shop Online

Plant a tree & get cashback every time you shop online at the brands you love. Green Quid have partnered with over 5000 brands.

Cashback Raffle

Your free cashback prize ticket will be emailed to you once your cashback have been confirmed and accredited to your account.


Once the Number of tickets have been reached you will be emailed and a live draw will take place and the winner will get an email with instructions of how to claim their Prize.

Cashback Prize Competitions

cashback prize
cashback prize
cashback prize

Claim Free Cashback Prize Ticket

By shopping online using Green Quid

Get cashback & plant a tree every time you shop online ❤️
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